“It All Started in Greenpoint” 2016 (documentary)

A documentary about history of Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union established by Polish immigrants in New York's Greenpoint in 1976.

"ANDREW" 2014 (documentary)

"Andrew" is a story on an athlete who cannot come to terms with his own weaknesses and the prospect of leaving the ring forever. Spectacular victories and defeats in the fights for the world heavyweight champion title come back to his mind like a mantra. The film shows his loneliness in the brutal world of the media and professional boxing. Only his wife Mariola, despite the dramatic experiences related to her husband’s sports career faithfully accompanies him in every important moment of his life.

“Absolution” 2010 (short feature film)

In a world of violent coincidences there are still no (?) rules and choices revolving around the question of human morality.

A homeless man witnesses a body being dropped by two undercover police officers outside his hovel. After they leave, he decides to go closer to the body. He recognizes that the young woman is actually still alive and decides to help her. The effort of putting her into a shopping cart and taking her home sparks a change in him. At her house, he discovers that there is much more to their meeting under unfortunate circumstances than coincidence. The whole situation creates an opportunity for both of them to change their current paths. They receive a rare shot at ABSOLUTION.